About Us

I was interested in safes and security in general, that is why I started from scratch and learned everything I could in that domain. Later, I joined a century-old company that allowed me to become quite good at locksmithing; I eventually took the head of the (small) company. That is why I want to share at last my knowledge and help people make the right choice when it comes to securing their homes.

A big and a small safe waiting to be repaired and put back together

This is who we are / I am. We open safes, repair safes, love safes, and breathe safes. But also, we are interested in locks in general and alarms. We love to share our precious knowledge gathered during many years of work.

Because our home is our most intimate place on earth where we live with our beloved ones. It is the place that we want cozy and safe. Because we want our loved ones to be cozy and safe.

Don’t forget that English is not my first language! Pardon all the mistakes and unclear phrases that you might encounter on that site.

I have also developed the Violintrend.com website. It is a website about the violin and music in general, my other focus of interest. Lastly, I have started blogging about my other passion: computers in general, and Macs and Linux PCs in particular. Head over to allbasictech.com.