Recommended products

I have tested thoroughly the items I recommend below. They are not systematically the most expensive choice available, of course. On the contrary: I try to select the best value I could find for myself. I would like to make you take advantage of the hours of research I have put into that project: securing my home. Mostly, those are DIY projects, or I tell you otherwise. This is why I recommend tools as well as maintenance items that go along with the safes, locks, or alarm systems that I love.

1- Best Home Safes

best all-around home safe to choose
Best all-around home safe to choose

The safes I recommend that are available now, best price for their spec sheet. Check them out.

2- Best Home Safes Upgrades and Maintenance Products

Fire and water resistant bag
What is this Home Safe add-on?

To make the most of your safe, these products will prove to be helpful if not, mandatory.

3- Best Home Safes Install Tools

Recommended tools to install a safe
Tools to move, install, service, and maintain a safe

All the tools I use to move, install and service a home safe.