Best Home Safe Install Tools

Recommended tools to install a safe

This is what I recommend you should use to install your home safe yourself:

  1. This dolly on Amazon: Once you have received your safe, first thing first, you will have to carry it in your house and sometimes upstairs. This is when this stair-climbing dolly with 6 wheels will be helpful even essential.
  2. These shoulder straps on Amazon: If a dolly can’t be an option and you need to carry the safe, these shoulder straps can save the day. I was impressed by how cheap they are last time I checked considering you will save your wall, stairs, and even more importantly your back.
  3. These suction cups on Amazon: For the last foot or even to help secure the safe in place on the dolly, these suction cups are perfect. They are not on the cheap side but are required not to damage your safe and/or your floor
  4. This Bolt Down Kit from Amazon: if you want maximum security, bolting down your safe is mandatory. And you should bolt it to a load-bearing wall or concrete floor.

First, when you order a safe, your first question is how will I manage to carry it.

1- Shoulder Straps

I have used quite successfully these ShoulderDolly moving straps. And I am surprised how cheap they are on Amazon considering the convenience they provide. It enables you to carry your safe with the help of a friend and will prevent back pain. It will be important if you need to carry your safe upstairs. Furthermore, your hands will be free, you will be able to open a door and keep balance more easily. It will facilitate proper lifting techniques. You will have much less risk to get back pain. The strain is reduced because you will use much stronger muscles (legs) instead of arms and back. The straps through the buckle are adjustable and will adapt to any size of safe or even furniture, even bulky. The difference in size in movers will be overcome easily by this adjustability. It is a heavy-duty tool and can lift up to 800 lbs.
If you need to carry a safe that weighs more than 80 lbs, this is a must-have.
Fore some shoulder straps though keep in mind that you need to be two persons to carry the safe. This is usually required anyway so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

2- Dolly

A dolly should always be a heavy-duty one and not a cheap one that will fail when you use it, damaging your floor. This is why I advise you to two proper dollies, not the cheapest ones.

If you need to climb stairs, you should definitely consider a stair climbing cart with 6 wheels. They will be very useful while carrying the safe on the stairs.

This one from Amazon can carry up to 495 lbs (225kg) and it is not too big. It is sturdy enough because a safe heavier than that should perhaps be installed by a professional.

What is really interesting is that it comes with 2 climbing ropes: one person can pull the dolly while two (yes two) more persons can pull the climbing ropes that are tied to the cart. There are small handles underneath the chassis: believe me or not, this will provide really helpful when carrying a safe upstairs. Stairs are usually so tight that only one person can fit besides the dolly. With the help of the rope, it will be a piece of cake.

The wheels are made of rubber that will not damage your floors.

My second recommended dolly, a bit cheaper, is a regular one, a bit cheaper on Amazon. It can carry up to 700 lbs which should be plenty. If you want to be extra precautious, buy 10″ pneumatic wheels not to damage your floor. But keep in mind a flat can happen…

3- Suction cups

If the box of the safe is already open, it might be difficult to grab the safe to carry it or position it correctly in the perfect location once you know where to anchor it. Then vacuum suction cups come in handy. They will even prove useful to hold the safe properly on the dolly.
Always choose good quality suction cups, as the one I advise on Amazon because you don’t want to let your safe slide.
Always clean the surface of the safe where you want to put the cup. You don’t want any dust or greasy to interfere with the proper operation of the vacuum suction cups. The cup itself needs to be clean.
Once in position, they will serve as great handles to hold and even lift and carry the weight of the safe.

4- Bolt Down Kit

This is not an option. For a concrete load-bearing wall, I recommend this type of bolts from Amazon. They are perfect to anchor a safe to a concrete wall or floor. Use a washer wide enough to hold the safe properly.

You can read my article on how to move a safe, and where to install your safe. I share how I use all those tools and accessories.