How much does a Safe Cost ?

This is a question I have been asked many times as people want to increase the security of their home. Me too, when I first started to investigate on that matter, I didn’t know what to expect and what kind of safe I would get on my budget. And what budget should I allocate ?

What is the price of an average safe ? Minimum price for a safe is $150. A good medium size fireproof safe with good room inside is around $500. At last, a big professional fireproof and sturdy safe starts at $1000 – $1200.

Let’s consider safes of acceptable quality, of course, as there is no bottom price when it comes to imported safes. The price depends on many factors that are not always advertised properly by manufacturers. Makers often prefer to emphasize long bullet-point lists of features with size being number one. But a cheap big safe (250 x 200) must ring a bell for a consumer as there is no miracle when it comes to balancing price and quality.

Here is a table of most common safes prices

This is here that you should start considering a safe

Security box$120 – $200109 x 158 x 148
Medium fireproof$300 – $600145 x 195 x 175
Quality and fireproof$1000 – $2000246 x 196 x 182

With those numbers in mind, I can assure you that price and quality are somehow related. You must have guessed it.

Safes on the cheap side. Are they good value by any means ?

Don’t even consider one of those as you will soon regret having bought one. You might get stuck with a nonresponsive closed safe with no locksmith even considering answering the phone to help you, and probably end up with a goodwill neighbor with his drills trying to help.

In the end, you will lose in every way: the price of the cheap safe, time and worry, the price for a better second safe, time to get rid of the dramatically opened at last cheap safe, and don’t forget the price of a good cake or beer pack for your neighbor! (Or a couple of those expensive drills)

Strong boxes : how much do they cost ?

They are the first type of safe to consider. If your need is simple and only want a quick way to secure a couple of things, you can choose one of these :

TypePriceSize in inchesWeigh in pounds
Small$110100 x 137 x 11830
Medium$200125 x 175 x 13844
Big$250197 x 175 x 13857

These safes are the first level of acceptable quality and are relatively affordable as you can see. The shipping fee can be cheap as well as free. Regular postage service can deliver one of those to your door. With cheap or free shipping, these can be one of the better value for money safes you can get.
As they are quite light as well, installation can be done by anyone with some skills, nothing extraordinary. You do not always need to secure the safe to the wall; you can secure the safe to a piece of wooden furniture, desk, and so on. The point is not to have it easily stolen anyway.

What is the budget for a good fireproof safe ?

Again, these safes are the one to get for the best value for money. A bit more expensive than strong boxes, they offer far better security for a small premium. They are fireproof as well, which is something to consider.

TypePriceSize in inchesWeigh in pounds
Small$310126 x 171 x 15097
Medium$390141 x 195 x 173120
Big$500220 x 195 x 173170

Some sellers offer free shipping, but usually, you have to pay a fee for the shipping and handling of those big objects. You have to keep in mind as well that you will need help to unload your truck, or to bring the safe up the stairs after delivery. Help is not always free, only you can tell if someone can come and help you for free to handle your brand new safe. Fixing one of those is not too difficult either. But it is recommended this time to secure it to a wall, not a piece of furniture. Or the floor if it is not made of wood.

Price for a sturdy big and robust professional safe

You will keep it for a long time, and even pass it along to your children. Such a safe is an asset. It will accompany you in your career and provide great value to store your most important valuables, personal as well as professional.

TypePriceSize in inchesWeigh in pounds
Small$1000150 x 196 x 180200
Medium$1400185 x 196 x 180230
Big$1600246 x 196 x 180290

With those big safes you have to take into account that, though you can get free shipping, 2 or 3 people are required to carry them. You will need proper equipment not to hurt yourself.
When it comes to fixing them. You can go two routes:

  • either you consider that their weight is enough to keep them safe from burglars; nobody will pick them up in a minute to take away quickly;
  • or you prefer to secure them and forget about it. This is what I recommend. You have to be a good DIY person to anchor one of those safe, but it is totally doable. Usually, just one hole is done at the back or one at the bottom of the safe. You have to drill one hole in a bearing wall, concrete wall, or floor. You have to take into account the price of the material or person required to do the job.

How much will it cost to have a locksmith install my safe ?

It is of course better to ask for a quote from your local professional. Usually, a locksmith or a security specialist will charge something like $150 to install a small to medium safe. A big heavy one where 2 to 3 people are required can cost around $250 – $500 to have installed at your home. If you think you can’t do it yourself, do not hesitate to have it done by a professional as you can hurt yourself (your back for example) while working. And you can break something at home as well.

Here is the article where I give details and typical quotes on how much a safe installation does cost.

Beware : problems related to you installing the safe can turn out to be more expensive than the invoice from a professional.

Is securing material included with the safe ?

I’m sorry : I will give you the answer that you won’t like : it depends. Usually it is, though. We are used to working, for example, with safes of the company Burg Wachter, and with them, each and every safe is delivered with fastening material. Two big screws and assorted dowels are inside the safe. You will only need your tools with the appropriate drills.

In the image to the right, bolts are provided with the safe. Are they of enough quality to provide good retention force? I don’t know, I don’t feel like they are. I often prefer to buy best quality screws and plugs or chemical anchors. It is up to you. But you’d better be safe than sorry.


A safe costs on average $150 for a simple one of acceptable quality. The one we recommend is around $400 and is more sturdy and fireproof. If we can stretch, a good professional safe starts at $1000. You have to take into account the price of shipping (possibly) and installing the safe. A certified technicien will do it for you if you doubt you can do it yourself. Otherwise, you can read our step by step guide to installing a safe at home. You might want to do it yourself to save some bucks and learn along the way. Read as well our article on how a safe can save you money. Because there is more to it than sticker price. A safe is an asset and can have a payback period if you take into account several factors such as : insurance policy, deposit box at your bank, etc. I hope you could save some bucks thanks to that article, and learn many things in the world of safes which helped you to chose wisely.

Read on those important 7 tips on how to save money buying a safe: you will make the right choice and get the best bang for your buck.


I have been passionate about locks and safes for so long; it is a family speciality since 1898. I hope I can share with you all the simple tips that can make the difference for your security. And that you'll buy the right products for your needs.

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